23) Snowman

Based on Sweden 1983 - Främling

What secrets do you hide?
Inside your mind of evil,
So cold it froze
Behind your nose
A carrot

And tell me
What sordid lives you lead
In secret, after the night falls
Your scarf and straw hat
Are just a ploy that
Misleads me

When darkness falls, you lead a life of crime
A shocking level of debauchery
Breaking in houses
And taking cocaine in the street
Yet you're the perfect kind of criminal
Because your alibi is water-tight
Hardly a suspect when no one suspects you're alive
You're not even afraid if you die
'Cause even when you've melted you can still revive

How could a snowman come alive?
Magic? Or Stella's glitter?
Some twisted science creating violence from the ice?

To take revenge against humanity
Dressing you up to look like imbeciles
You became lawless, you'd lie, commit murder and steal
Involved in arson, drugs, and robbery
But you would not be published in the Mail
Bribing reporters so no one discovers your trail
If only we could lock you away
We'd stop this wave of crime from happening again

Maybe the truth is that I'm really just