24) Adidas and Jeans

Based on Portugal 2010 - Ha dias assim

Adidas and jeans
I wear them to work
A loose-fit brassiere
I hear people talk:
“That girl is a mess
Her styling is too crude”
But I couldn’t care less
Feeling comfort lifts up my mood

All women around
Wearing skirts and tights
Think I’m making a fashion statement
They say I’m a dyke
I’m a sloppy scene
But it doesn’t matter
Why should I long for their painful glamour
When my heels are so much flatter?

Adidas and jeans
I wear them out late
On every girls’ night out
And even a date..!
No makeup or lip gloss (huh?!)
The hair is undone (what?!?!)
These things are so useless
And take too much time (no they don’t!)

All women in sight (all women in sight)
Men in suits and ties
Move away to another table
“We don’t know that dyke”
Yet I shamelessly (very shamelessly)
Snub the style armada
I’ll be glad with slippers and pyjama
While their feet suffer in Prada

Second thought, I
Might adjust
Don’t want the image of
A mighty dyke

So I’m caving in (you do the right thing)
To the social pressure
Time to let my comfort go, and now I’ll
Force my feet into the Prada, oww, ouuch