11) Azerbaijan 2012

Based on Armenia 2010 - Apricot Stone

Not so many years ago, a country well far in the east
That was not so very known, entered in a song contest
They wanted to be the best and win
In Europe to be seen..

"That's not Europe" many thought, others didn't care a lot
But with "Running scared" they won this year..
Safura's crying a lot, while the old Europe is schocked.
"Kisses to all from Azerbaijan!"

Azerbai-how? Search in internet,
Wiki, google maps, where the hell is that?
Azerbaijan, we thought they were poor, gays are not welcome,
Let's just have it held in Rome..

Azerbaijan - wow, have you seen that?
Everything's baroque, all is opulent!

Questions started to arise, do they have a proper place?
Will they build a new complex, name it Heydar Aliyev?
They might impress us with something big
Never seen - in the sea..

The family of the president is having everything controlled,
And the dead one's spirit blesses all.
Just come here and don't be scared, hundred million will be spent,
This will be the best ESC ever seen.

Azerbaijan, Aliyev Heydar
is just everywhere, even on gaydar.
Azerbaijan, Baku's like Dubai, the limit is the sky,
If you come you will see why

Azerbaijan, come and visit us,
We promise to behave in Nagorno Karabakh
Azerbaijan, come to fire-land
Book your flight right now, ESC will be perfect!!