07) CargoVan

Based on Serbia 2011 - Čaroban

I once met a guy who sang me a song
And its title turned me on:
“(I Had) Sex In A Van”, so I hummed along
Thinking ‘bout me and shags in cars.

I confess I had judged all the men in my book
in a way that still feels bizarre
By their asses squeezed into those tight racing seats
of a Porsche or Jaguar
Of a Lambo with built-in-bar.

I just could not help but take a ride in their hot wheels
One led to another, got out of my high heels
I did not care I felt a bit like a flick-knife 
Then came the CargoVan.

So now I spread my legs as wide as an eagle
Former contortions now seem illegal
And my vagina does not suffer from cramps now
Shag in a CargoVan.

If a blow job ends up as blowing a horn
If you smash your head through the roof
If you start to feel like the cheapest of porn
And decide to act more aloof

Then the chances are high you’re in a Corvette
Watched by prurient passersby
And then you disengage the damn parking brake
just when a hand job got him high
And you’re ushered out, so bye-bye…

I’ve abandoned sports cars for something more spacey
Outside it’s so stuffy, but inside it’s racy
The backseat cowgirl turned to tester bed diva
Shag in a CargoVan. 

The public decency will not be offended
That’s why Ferraris must be suspended
And there’s no problem when you go for a threesome
Shag in a CargoVan – yay!


A somersauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuult … (woman's really out of control now
Eager for some stallions to shag her)
Shag in a CargoVan

I've got an urgent call now from Maserati
About a new model, sales are a bit spotty 
So I was offered to be the main promoter
Of its first CargoVan

Shag in a CargoVan