08) No Schlong

Based on Israel 2011 - Ding Dong

Sad tranny holding on to a dream
To be a real chick, not a “girl with a dick”
I save all my pennies and work
In a bar, gay bar

I hope my dream will somehow come true
Don't want to deceive and just pull in the dark
I close my eyes and think of new fanny days

Dumb schlong, please be gone
I love my slim jeans
But my tranny pack is showing
I need surgery and I want it now

Vaginoplastic surgery
They cut up the schlong and turn it inside out
A woman I’ll be, no more “guy in a dress”, oh yes

Dumb schlong, soon you’re gone
A guy at the bar
Gave me money so bye bye, I’ll fly
To Thailand and back and I'm leaving now

Halle hallelujah, used to be a Dave now I’m just Laila
Doctors changed this man, tranny had a ‘gun’
Doctors said ‘chop chop you’re done!’

Halle hallelujah used to be a mess now I can undress
A new life lies ahead, I’m all woman now
Trannylicious no more, baby!

No schlong, it’s all gone
My prayers were heard
I’m a woman so try my new pie
I know what I was and it’s over

No schlong, it’s all gone
I used to have one
Now I want someone else’s, drop by!
I know where it goes and I'm ready now