02) A Driving Lesson

Based on Denmark 2011 - New tomorrow

Look your left, look your right
Make sure there's no car in sight
Press the gas and go to ride
You'll pass this driving lesson, you must

Look up, slow down
Do nothing right now
Kids cross the road
Did you forget how
To break, to turn
And what it all means?
It's like you don't care!

There's fuel, it's full
You're getting some stuff, good job! :)
Tonight, tomorrow
Make up some time
Learn 'bout some signs, memorize
And you'll do perfect!

Look your left, look your right
Check your tires are alright
And your mirrors are adjust
You'll pass this driving lesson

Sign to right, sign to left
But before: Put on seatbelts
If you won't, you will be dead!
You'll pass this driving lesson, you must

Turn left, turn right
Don't make up your mind
Don't drive too fast; it's gonna rain
But now you are lost
Don't trust this GPS!
Don't buy another!
Let me help you navigate...!

Look the road, look the map
Yes, it's raining; you should wipe
There's a junction coming up
I hope you know the signs now

Look the map, look the road
No, you shouldn't pray to G-d
He can't help you here, you know
And you must know the signs now, O.K? ;)

Beep. Beep. Bee-ee-ee-eep.
Beep-Beep. Bee-ee-ee-eep.
Beep. Beep. Bee-ee-ee-eep.

You should've STOOOOPED!!! (Beep! Beep! Bee-ee-ee-eep! Beep!)
You (Beep!) must've seen that sign by now!!!

Give the keys, and the car!!!
Thankfully, no-one was harmed
But it shouldn't be so hard
To pass a driving lesson

Give the car, and the keys!!!
No, there is no need to please
I'm not saying that to tease!
For forty seven years now, you've failed...