17) House of Mysteries

Based on Estonia 2011 - Rockefeller Street

Routine is filling the day
Work swallows up all my time
Take notes and typing for hours
It’s an humdrum anti-delight

Boss has me indexing his porn stash
From a cupboard labelled “Do Not Disturb”
All that junk is almost all cleared now

Speakers boom I’ve got an e-mail
…I’m at somewhat of a loose end…
Our spam filter says it’s alright
Because this mail’s from a good friend

This is what I read:

Come now, visit me…in the House of Mysteries
All the celebs do, did you know that?

Fun and levity can be found in ecstasy
Really, you should click on this link…

(Should I? Should I? Should I?)

(Say yes…Say no)

Office policy states:
Never linger over fun here
They have, like, computer bore zeroes

Because I know it is no harm
I did open up that e-mail
All those scallywags can bog off
To Hell with them: I will scroll down!

So I keeps reading on

House of Mysteries is a den of liberty
What else can I find, that would be there?

Halls of Luxury free your mind from drudgery
Maybe, I should click on that link…

So I keep musing on

Don’t click it…Do click it!

Do click it…Don’t click it!

But I long to know what these Mysteries could be

Work’s boring…Link’s tempting
No spoofing: I’m thinking…

Time is right to immolate porn mags

Appalling! Boss swooning…new lewd things

I’m fuming:

Did you know porn gives me monumental migraines?

I’m puking. He’s drooling.
I’m freaking…and screaming:

Time is right to bitch about work crimes

I need therapy…so I’ll click that link with glee
Damn the server’s slow, don’t you see that?!

Password: “Tennessee” to the House of Mysteries
…lets us see new info revealed:


Mirth-filled reverie is applied so expertly
Get some massage too, if you need that

I’m singing
House of Mysteries is the place I wanna be

OMG! It’s beyond belief…