18) Lemonade

Based on Croatia 2011 - Celebrate

Nice day, now I've had some drink-time
Please rest your legs and sit down
Now you've been to the gym, oh...

Take some sips of lemonade to refresh all your mouth
Makes you feel cool, contented and a little gay

Lemonade - every single sip you take
Fills your stomach with bubbles
Pleasantly mumbles
Marshmallows in your drink

Lemonade - every time you're needing aaayt
Just come here, grab a bottle
Drink up a lot of it, then come over here and sing

You can add it if you feel that you want it
Like bits of different fruit-types, or a drop of milk
Sit back! Tic-tacs...can be eaten together with it
Or even maybe yes, erm, a full-scale classic meal

Lemonade - every single sip you take
Makes you feel like a woman
Or like a young 'un
Male with a golden throat

Lemonade - every time you need some shade
Just put up an umbrella
Bring from a cellar classic glass-worthy quenching ade

Just keep drinking and winking and stroking your glass, yes
Citrus is family
And while you are cooling and calming and such
Then think of lemon-trees!

Lemonade - is so fresh and fun to make
With your friends or with someone
Else from your region
Lovely when it's homemade

Lemonade - like a substitute best mate
Lifts you up if you're flagging, has light blue bagging
If you live in a certain place