24) Mrs Dorothy Nickinson

Based on Austria 1978 - Mrs. Caroline robinson

Mrs Dorothy Nickinson
Hosts the Bishop for tea and scones
My lens zooms into her room:
I watch her spank him with a spoon

Dr Bannerjee, Cambridge don
"Loves philosophy, hates television"
But I see he's watching Glee
Culture snob? Bitch, please…

All day long, I spy on
People in my street
Journeys tracked, and sheds ransacked
Suburban KGB

I abseil neighbours' walls
To peer into their halls
I know whose debts are huge
And which shampoo they use

Mr Harry Chung seems well-hung:
His crotch causes a sensation
From a tree, I watch as he
Stuffs socks down his skinny jeans

Slighty-bigoted Mrs Dunn
Says, "Sod the Frenchies, they're cowardly scum"
I agree, but Camera Three
Shows her eating brie

Picking locks, bugging socks
X-ray body scans
These cost lots, but I have got
Money-making plans

So when my next bill comes
I'll tell Professor Krumm:
"You snort coke off a ho
Pay, or your wife will know"

Father Anthony Fillingim
Preached that drink is a mortal sin
Hiding in his kitchen bin
I watch him drain six quarts of gin

Lady Katherine Bullingdon
A Tory grandee with bondage dungeons
Found me in her Cage of Sin
Strapped into a sling

Local Officer Robert Gaye
Spoke with Katherine that same day
Later he arrested me
While I drank Miss Fisher's tea

Inmate 7-9-4-3-1
I live in Block E of Corby Prison
Soon they'll be releasing me
I'll move to your street…