25) Objectophilia

Based on France 1995 - Il me donne rendezvous

I found out I was different at just eight years of age
The other girls liked boys, but it was fences I craved
And when they asked me who was my celebrity crush
I told them how the Berlin Wall could turn me to mush
See, girls and boys just aren't all that attractive to me
It's only with a building that I feel chemistry

I'm in love with a wall
Stables, churches, and halls
Fire stations as well
And the Brandenburg Gate
Makes me just want to mate
As do pubs, bars and wells
I've done Parliament too
Had a museum screw
Fucked some sexy hotels
And the club down the road
Made me cum, shout and moan
Like a sleazy motel
And I meet someone new almost on ev'ry street
A potential hot screw made from glass and concrete

I do it with Israelis like the Moshe Aviv
In Sweden, Globen always gives me just what I need
Sagrada gives it to me every time I'm in Spain
Petronas Towers' love can really drive me insane
I'm also into Asians, they can just turn me on
Like Angkor Wat or Xumi or Taipei 101

I'm in love with a mosque
And a hot synagogue
I don't discriminate
In my time I have shagged
Both a mansion and shacks
They all make my pulse race
Almost did city hall
Had to stop, we got caught
Still, we got to third base
And I like uniforms
I've done barracks and forts
And you know they were great
And sometimes in the night, I will lie there and dream
Of the Burj Khalifa, and how he'd make me scream

Yes, I'm crazy for malls
Houses, factories, stalls
Done a couple of huts
Hypermarkets and shrines
Yeah, they both drive me wild
You may think I'm a slut
I've done mines in Peru
Sydney Opera House too
Screwed a prison as well
But eventually
I'll get hitched and I'll be
Mrs. le Tour Eiffel
Mrs. le Tour Eiffel
Mrs. le Tour Eiffel