6) Heike Drechsler Doped

Based on Spain 1996 - ¡Ay, qué deseo!

She's my big star, she has me under her spell
She jumps so nice, like a gazelle
Beautiful small face, rare for German gals
She practiced hard, just like a true professional

Losers trailed
Like Jackie Joyner-Kersee, they were far behind
She rightly earned all those golds

(Heike Drechsler doped...) What? No way in hell!
(Steroids in her blood...) But all her tests have failed!
(Heike Drechsler doped...) So how can you tell?
(She's from DDR...) Means nothing, infidels!

(Amphetamined herself...) She was supervised
(At train camp, in her car...) Every track event
(Behind the medal stand...)
She never did hormones
Or testosterone
Unlike that cheater, Jones
She was born with bigger bones!

(Heike Drechsler doped...) That is a libel
(She's a walking drug...) So claims Fiona May
(Heike Drechsler doped...) That's below the belt
(Needles in her arms...) Enough with this, I pray!

Years have gone by, since silver in eighty-eight
I was a child, she was my saint
Had no reason to think she's just a sham
A normal girl, but with the essence of a champ

Looked away
When she began to grow hair on her body parts
That's monthly progesterone

Heike Drechsler doped? Fantasy impaled
Vitamins, they lied. She didn't know herself!
(Heike Drechsler doped...) Just a little trace
(She grew testicles...) OK, that's a disgrace!
(Heike Drechsler doped...) That's how she did well
(See? Believe us now...?) Just lock her in a cell!
(Heike Drechsler doped...) Arrrrgh, yeah yeah... :(