7) Bedtime for Granny

Based on Bosnia-Herzegovina 1996 - Za našu ljubav

<sigh of contentment, and sounds of padding around in slippers/husband murmuring in sleep>

Fading colours of the evening
And I want to go to sleep
My li'l girly is not here now
Moja ljubav she

Photo booth pic of my nephew
On the sideboard, safe and sound
I must 'ave a sip of drinky
Toothpaste for my mouth

Dougy you know, that we watched TV
and sonny Dan carried out mi wrens
Annie Lennox won tennis match, ja....
and check how chews my gawdy gnash!

I need to yawn! Have a sweet night
Please draw the curtains, so I'll take off socks
I must be in bed...Patt'ring rain, and put
my teeth into a cleanish, though quite small glass
'Lax in my sheets, sweet perfume ma'am
I hope i won't have a nightmare tonight
Was my teenage love - 1924
The gnasher ljubav - come on, živim .... ja!