9) Muggle-Wump

Based on Belgium 2012 - Would you?

It’s a fine day, I've been crafting since two
Constructing a small model zoo
Need adhesive, something to glue
Down the pieces in the place where they go

But what should I do now the tube is empty?
No more in my bag or the cupboard too
Oh fuck I had not planned it, but I really need it
Glue of any type would do, but I’m screwed!

There’s a sequin and a dress coloured blue
But I can’t sew, what am I gonna do?
Could you run, dear, and fetch for me now
Attaching gear, or sticky tape now... ciaoooo!

But you went and left from our house brain-empty
Brought back in your bag the wrong type of glue
You ran a half-arsed errand, thinking you could trick me
Any other paste would do, but wood glue?
Fuck you.

But it’s too late now, and you know that
I’ll get you back
Mad like thunder, you’ll go under!

Next time you leave I will act pre-emptive
I’ll take from my bag special super glue
And all the furniture, I’ll stick on the ceiling
Do it just to confuse you
Then, I will put the glue into, your hairdooo

And then you… So confused…
Handstand too.