8) What Lisa Del Bo's Twitter feed might have looked like on May 12th, 2001 if Twitter had been around then and she was blogging in English

Based on Sweden 2001 - Listen To Your Heartbeat


Plain text version

So here we go! Who will win tonight?
Not the Dutch song
It sure ain’t Iceland’s night
Norway’s scarily lame. He looks just like my best friend’s mother
Israel’s so twee. Backing vocals rough
@Ingvild Bryn You’re telling me – the hosts are very wrong
The Russians don’t have a clue. The singer was a total nutjob

@Terra_John @SiirakBrogden Is it just me, or you too? This is like so déjà vu
Is anyone else sat there humming along?

Listen to that chorus! It’s my song rewired
@Fredrik_Kempe Don’t tell me it’s “borrowed” – it’s totally plundered!
@Terra_John You should call your lawyers – those thieving gits owe you
Fucking Swedish lowlifes, we’re so gonna bite you

It’s plagiat, pure and simple
@SiirakBrogden See? They stole your song. What else could it be? Note for note, it’s the same. There’s really no two ways about it

@DDitmartweety I know, they’re all innocence. No way that’s coincidence. Try singing your lines when the chorus comes round!

“Love is like a card game of poker with jokers
Love is like a bridge built on giving and taking
Love is like a game played by kings in the making
Love is like a gamble for winners just like you”

@Terra_John Well, alright, the last line might not be right. But I still feel like shite

Life’s a fucking card game – for cheaters and liars. You just watch it romp home cause it’s Swedish schlager
How could that come fifth when we’ve all just been lied to?
@Terra_John @SiirakBrogden You should take a gamble and steal bits from Just Nu, then send it to Tallinn