(2) Satanic Salami
Based on Finland 1987


In my fridge chaos arrived
Ever since last Friday night
After I’d bought a sausage piece
Enchanted by the Devil

Yes it was such a mistake
Now it’s there spoiling the cake
Possessing the fridge, shelves and the door
And all its citizens!

The damn salami has wrecked their morals
And turned the fridge into anarchy
This morning I caught a carrot mugging
Two depraved cans of jam

The top shelf corner is now a brothel
Where peanut butter will spread for cash
Fornicating brine, and it’s so hard to find
Any real virgin olive oil

Milk and beets - now sodomites!
Gouda cheese - lives with three wives!
Underage grapes in red lingerie
In the sausage temple

There it rests on a big throne
Being fed scandalous scones
No veggie is safe here, run if you can!
From this salami hell

This snack of Darkness is all too mighty!
It taught the parsley how to smoke lamb
This morning I caught the mustard snogging
Two big pole-dancing hams!

The cold cut turkey has started drinking
The eggs are flaunting their private yolks
And it seems like there is just no way to stop
The salami of Antichrist

The bacon’s mating with chicken legs
But such a mix is one big NOOOO!

This reign of Satan has got to end now!
This is my exorcism of the fridge
Filled it up with gas, then I threw in a match
And I watched them all burn inside

Yes, I’ve seen a lot, but this sure took the prize
The Salami of Antichrist!