(1) Fritzl 2 - Karaoke Night At Garsten Abbey
Based on Austria 1976


Some have said what I have done’s a sin
And alas I’ve found, to my chagrin
No one understands apart from me
Why I’ve done this to my family

When they asked “We must know”
I just shrugged and answered so:

“I just love my little girl
So I keep her in the basement
With the knowledge of my wife
Busy making new replacements
I just love my little girl
I don’t see how that’s debasement
Nothing wrong with such a life
It’s an act of self-effacement”

“Josef Fritzl, I cannot divine
What in life has made you such a swine
If I could I’d send you to the chair
But instead you’ll die in dark despair”

There we are – judge said so
Them’s the breaks, and I should know

’Cause I loved my little girl
Every year, nine months’ gestation
Though it caused genetic strife
With occasional mutations
Yes, I love my little girl
Though it’s led to my castration
And they’ve locked me up for life
Fifty years’ incarceration
I still love my little girl
Though she’s led to my damnation
’Cause this prison’s simply rife
[with] Homosexual predation