(4) An Open Letter @TheTesco
Based on Luxembourg 1963


A horse, it should not be
Listed as plats du jour
A horse, it has no place
In the aisles of your store
No horse-trail should lead - Right here…
To my lasagne
Hors d’oeuvres with a mane
Aren’t welcome at this table

A horse as an entrée?
This should never occur
What do you have to say
To this vexed customer?
I’ve heard you pin all blame
On obscure local vendors
A horse entered the chain
Somewhere eastwards of Vienna

Of course some people say
It’s a freak circumstance
Is equine-based purée
Not a staple in France?
But horsemeat’s not my taste - Please speak…
With your suppliers
And watch what you procure
That we might all be sure
The ready-meals we buy…

Are pure!! …Are pure!! …Are pure!!