(5) Made In Sweden
Based on Sweden 2004


[***Please follow the instructions to assemble this lyric***]

“Need a melodi?
Then we’ll make you a deee-eeal!!!”

[***Build Left Supporting Section A***]

“Dear customer Välkomma. Thanks for calling us today.
This automated service helps you browse and shop and pay.  
Now here’s a list of options, to help direct your call.”


[***Construct Central Midsection C***]

“ONE please press ONE for a song that’s about three minutes long; never longer, no way!
Option number TWO tracks your order right through from our factory in Malmö directly to you.
Or with number THREE extend the guaranteeee-eeee on your song, all year long.”

[***Build Right Supporting Section D***]

“These flat-packed Euro-chansons are shipped out far and wide.
They’re easy to assemble with our user-friendly guide.
Our one-size-fits-all format means standards are maintained.”


[***Connect with Central Midsection C***]

“FOUR - to hear more browse our store.
We have everything from ballads to schlager the lot.
If you need some help to sing live please press FIVE.
We’ll despatch a backing-vocalist-scandroid-o-bot.
Or with number SIX are coming dans-remiiii-iiiixxxx of your song!”


[***Apply Bridge Bracket B***]

“These tunes may seem familiar but there is never cause to fret.
When we write every number (when we write every number),
Åååååhhhh, they can’t be plagiaaaa-AAAAAATTTT!!!!”

[***Adjust tension using key provided****]

(“Cash? Credit card? Press the #hash!”)

“Oooh, It’s so easy, we’ll accept every method to pay.
If you’re feeling tired. Uninspired? Then we’re hired!
Have yourself a winning entry to take home today!
So Bosnians pleeeease and Poles and Portugueee-eeese and the Turrrrks!
Ooooh you Turks! (Ooooh you Turks!)
We’ll help you plan your comeback.
Uuummmhhh ‘cos this works!”

(“Yes it works, yes it works!”)


Terms and conditions: Phone lines may be busy. Calls will be answered in an order chosen arbitrarily by our sales team. Warranty does not apply to products resold via the factory outlet store If selecting our fully-hosted service your product will be stored and performed on our state-of-the-art platform at a secure, remote location in southern Sweden - one satisfied customer said: “ოფოას ფოთ გელ ოიშვ!”. We regret that due to performance issues the Kempe range was permanently withdrawn from sale in 2011. Customers will be offered an equivalent product from the recently re-launched G:son collection. If you would like to receive a premium melodi annually for life please enquire about our unique Baku-plan tariff.