(7) The Dentist
Based on Ukraine 2013


So you’ve had too many sweets
And I can see you don’t floss
Something’s wrong inside your teeth
But I’ll make it better

Nothing comes from plaque but plaque
You need to brush more often!
Are you lazy or just daft?
This can’t wait no longer!

Sit down and open wide!
I will fix your holes and your caries
And sure, some patients die
(But I’m gonna fill…)
Your cavity!
Your cavity!

- Help!
- Shut it!
- *Mumble mumble*
- Drill!
- *Mumble*

Look into the blinding light
Mmm, my tools are clean
They will stab and crush and grind!
But you need not fear!

Sit down and open wide!
Or I’ll gently strap you to the chair
It’s true, some patients died!
(But you’re safe with me)
I guarantee!
I guarantee!

Relax, try to say “Aaah”

(It’s time to drill)

I said: “Try to say “Aaah”!

Nurse! Another patient’s died!

(Let’s donate the teeth)
To charity!
To charity!

Rest in Peace!