(8) Damn, I am starving
Based on Israel 1989


Evening, my parents left me
To watch a film, or whatever
It’s late, I’m tired, but I can’t sleep when I’m alone
I think I’m getting hungry
For something fatty like butter
Blueberries pie – No, maybe Dijon

It’s striking me, I’m losing it
I know I should be now in bed
But damn… I am starving!!! *noises in the stomach*

Quarter to seven, I’m having chicken, beef and prawns
Quaker is heaven with fresh goat milk!
Quarter past seven, I eat three lobsters using tongs
Microwave oven! My saviour! I’m pressing “on”!

No! It’s my babysitter! (I hate to come here either)
She mustn’t see the “to-do” list (Now, the list)
I’ll hide it under the feta, it’s covered with mold (Now where’s the list that those parents said was on the fridge…)
It surely smells quite sour (Where’s that crappy list?!?!)
But to make sure, I will lick it (I hate those parents…)
Now I feel like all my insides could fall! (It sucks!)

I’m trying hard to hold myself (Not here… Not here…)
But in my stomach - too much stress! (And not here…)
My body is bursting!!! *Overloaded!!!*

Starting to burble – digested food is coming up
Running in terror, I puke and slip
Just like a turtle, I cannot stand on two, and crawl
I’m turning purple! I feel so sick, my head is numb –


I have passed out, my nanny says (You have passed out)
She asks if I can bath myself (Do say yes)
But wait… I’m so hungry!!! *Burping stomach!!!* (No kid, I warn you!)


Twenty-five past ten, (You go to sleep exactly now!) I’m eating cheeseburger with rice (You shouldn’t eat!)
Ten minutes later, (No I won’t clean) I’m throwing up

Half past eleven, (They should be home…) my sitter takes me to the nurse (I’ve got a call! *checks*)
Who never thought kids could suffer from (I’m fired, gotta find a job…) bulimia!