(9) Friendship Is Magic
Based on Switzerland 1990


Hey, mister shy
What’s with that apathy
Please leave behind
Spending your time
Hiding behind the screen
But you’ll be fine
Ponies will set you free

We’ll beam rainbows into your heart
You’ll fear no more society
And cease to be a deviant
So cheer, don’t be aloof

We’ll teach you how to socialise
Conceal nothing of how you feel
And speak to strangers on the bus
You’ll see, it’s so much fun

Friendship is pure
Magical constant bliss
From now and on
Solitude won’t be missed
Get rid of your
Negative energy
Without a break
We’ll keep you company

No sleep-in now on Saturdays
We’ll greet you lovely day at six
Your beer’s turned into milk last night
No need to thank us now

We’ll sneak daily into your house
Release pink chirpy birds within
They’ll tweet music that makes you smile
Maltese sugary rhymes

We seek treatment for everyone
And healed someone like you last year
Seems he since swallowed cyanide
We really don’t know why