(15) Just a Shell
Based on Luxembourg 1990


Lately I’ve felt nothing but gloom
My sunny side has not shone through
Day and night I stay in my room
Shedding my tears in solitude
I miss you

That’s why now I dress all in black
You poached my heart and now it’s cracked

My deep grief
Will not be over easy because
I feel empty inside now you’re gone

I’m just a shell
Of the woman I once was
Drifting hopeless and lost
Through a world so scrambled and wrong

I’m just a shell
As cold as the night you fell
But all of the king’s men
Can’t put us together again

Humpty, my egg
My egg with legs

Years ago when you were foo young
You were my first and only crush
You egged on my face more than once
It felt so good I never blushed

My heart bleeds
Like an albumen through an old sock
When I picture you torn on the rocks

I’m just a shell
Of the woman I once was
No more soaring aloft
High on love and cholesterol

I’m just a shell
Whisked into a living hell
I know life isn’t fair
But I’m cracking up from despair

Tears of depression cloak me in wetness
My pain is endless now that I’m eggless

I’m just a shell of myself going rotten
But I can’t mend what is left of your omelette
You’re just a shell