(23) Discount Doctor
Based on Austria 1996


Staff… ("Yeah yeah?")
Bring them in…
Who's the next one, eh?

Come on, you all, move faster, got a lot of folks to treat.
Don't waste a single penny, with quotas left to meet.

Now slice 'em up, sew 'em up, then give him the bill!
Surgical sale… who's the next one?

Look, we have an odd case, it's a small vestigial arm.
Just hanging off her shoulder, it's not doing any harm.

A sad mess! What should we do?
Let's save it in a jar.
The limb can be reused.
Who's the next one?

Go harvest organs from that farmer.
("Yes Doctor, see?")
Cram them into that barber.
("I think we could fit three.")

Let's merge that ("Yes"), split those ("Yes"),
And do it double speed.
Surgical sale, come and get one.

("Where's the next one?")
Who's the next one?
("He's the next one!")
Who's the next one?

Got issues with your leaky spleen, hon?
("That's no good!")
An orderly will find a clean one.
("Made of finest wood.")

A tumor?
Weak heart?
Your cash is welcome here.
Get it wholesale ("Be the next one!")
Don't mind the wails ("Be the next one!")
Surgical sale ("Here's the next one!")

This might sting, now ("Sting now!")
You might grunt, now ("Grunt now!")
Sign this waiver ("Waiver!")
It will make us calmer!
Stingin' ("Stingin'!"), gruntin' ("Gruntin'!"), waivin'!
Surgical sale, come and get one!

("Bleeding!") Bleeding? ("Burning!") Burning?
("Save him!") Ohh, save him? Get the forms out!
Bleeding! ("Bleeding?") Burning! ("Burning?") Lost him!
Surgical fail, killed the last one!
("And the first one, yeah!")

Can't win them all, what could I do?
You signed the form so you can't sue.
("Here's the next one, yeah!")
Hold still, don't flail.
("He's a goner, yeah!")
I won't go back to jail.
("Get the lawyer, yeah!")

Half-priced livers
("Lots of spare parts, yeah!")
Cheaper! Faster! Safe-ish!


("Be the next one, yeah!")
("Be the next one, yeah!")
("Be the next one, yeah!")
("Be the next one, yeah!")

Next one….!