(25) Principessa
Based on Italy 2013


Delirious with joy
You’re walking down the aisle; soon you’ll be married
I might have been too coy
Been praying for your leanings to be varied
So scared I would annoy
My fantasies and dreams, they will be buried
I’ll suffer silently
A heavy load for sure I have to carry

I’d rather be the best of mates
Than getting into dire straits

Whenever I splayed out my pinkie
Holding my espresso while you sipped another beer
Never thought I might be queer?
Never heard them calling me “Principessa”?

Almost peed my pants
Each time I spent my nights at public toilets
Afraid you might appear
To urinate and check your perfect mullet
Would you have found out about me?
Or just believed I had to pee?

Remember when my crotch was bulging
Every time you rubbed your six-pack sitting on the pier
Never thought I might be queer?

Remember when you caught that bee sting
And I sucked your toe to ease it, hoping you won’t ask that I should quit
Wouldn’t it be plain to see?
Won’t you hear them calling me “Principessa”?

If secretly you’d love to be a dom
I swear I would always be bottom … hey yeah!

I would even share my cock ring
Anything you want, I’d do it, even get into banana splits
Would satisfy you endlessly
Won’t you call me tenderly “Principessa”?