(26) Hannie Lips
Based on Iceland 2013


I watched them from the start
Fifty-seven wasn’t much
But Hilversum revealed the shocking news
Hostess looked the same
As your average tall Dutch
Saw her name on screen, now I’m confused

“Hannie Lips”? Really, lips?
What’s unique about her lips?
In those clips, no great lips
I could see
Could she blow with her mouth
Winds so strong they can sink ships?
Drink long sips?
Eat big chips?
Do backflips?

Her skills are mentioned nowhere
On the mighty Internet
Found she had a daytime show for kids
Found some records of her siblings
They weren’t called the same
So this can’t be some stupid Dutch last name

Hannie Lips, old Miss Lips
With this I must come to grips
Give me tips on those lips
If I never get out of this factual eclipse
I’ll lash whips
Cause some rips
To my skin

Oh, what do I hear?
No – she died last year!
Now her secret will be gone forever
I must act while she is fresh still
And dig her up from
Her grave


I found lips!
Rotten epidermal strips
My heart skips, this is it!
The pathologist cites:
“Have you found these on her teeth?
Or the ribs?
They’re no lips
Likely – nips”

Still no hints
I’m at wit’s
Hannie Lips