(5) Not Too Gory
Based on Georgia 2007


I'm spinning tales of blood
Inflammatory words
United Nations banned my book
I want to cite it:

"Off with her head!
I'll slice it open with my knife
And eat the brain
This is my way of life"

Decapitation of a child
Makes me an artist!

Blood is flowing free
It caters well to quench my thirst
I'm so depraved

Death is mandatory
Home sweet purgatory
Be my crowning glory
Goodbye, end of story

*gargling noise*

Don't you like my story?
My 'memento mori'
It's all hunky-dory
No guts means no glory

Disfiguration makes my day
Lesions amuse me
A severed limb fills me with joy
I'm on a fun spree

Time to flee the scene
And let the corpses rot in peace
Repose serene

I shall call this story:
'Slain in Toy Factory'
By no means too gory
For a bedtime story