(8) Leo
Based on Spain 1995


On a hot night in Rio
I went out on the town, was looking for someone
I was feeling that burning
Deep in my loins a passion really heated up
When suddenly he appeared
So suddenly he was near

He said his name was Leo
He said "I want to make you mine now"
He got a little too close
I think I smelled alcohooooo ooohl

So we booked it to my place
He was so tall and hairy with big muscle arms
He proceeded to ravage me
Threw me down and then he got on top of me
And I said wait hang on
Cause I need to readjuuuuuust

Hey you're bending it Leo
I need to take these clothes off first
Hey listen please Leo
It's really starting to hurt oooh oh!

You (you) you're (you're) bending it Leo
Get (get) off(off) and please let me get undressed
(stop) Will (now) you hang on a minute
I fear that this won't end well

(He takes off all of my clothes
I forgot to put underwear on)
Wait wait wait waiiiiiii….
(Oh guess where it gets stuck)
(Right in the zipper this suuuuucks)
Ooooh yeaahh ooh ow!

Now (some) I've (one) got this bloody crotch
And (please) hot (call) Leo has totally passed out
(for) Let (help) this be a lesson
Always have underwear on