(7) An au pair from Britain
Based on Belgium 1989


I have sinned, I have hated
Dwindling downwards, since I was eight

It was an omen, when my au pair bit
Such a strong woman, but look what she's got
The omen warned me, only then she bit
Again she bit

I was left full of bite marks
Once my au pair had bitten
And when I noticed the sparks
I saw that you were from Britain
An au pair from Britain

I had pinned and I waited
Ever since my eight
So lukewarm
But still anticipated
Revenge, on a silver plate

I pull a new joke
You come in the room and I straighten
Your pubes are once again not shaven
I feel like Satan

I hear myself agreeing to the chores not anymore
Here and now I put you through
What it feels to be bitten
My au pair from Britain

You're white skinned (you're white skinned)
You're proclaiming
That when I was eight
You transformed (you transformed)
And became overrated
Revenge, became overweight

Of chocolates you were fond
And infatuated
Not just them you bit in
I have sinned, I've hated

Your shagrin (your shagrin)
You're exclaiming
"But he's only eight"
Case adjourned (case adjourned)
You've become so much hated
Revenge, got sent to Kuwait

To Kuwait
Revenge, got sent to Kuwait