(14) Dating Sites
Based on Slovenia 1997


Tired of being single? Try online dating!
It sounds a bit desperate, but here is the thing:
Heaps of gay men, only one mouseclick away...
Come feast your eyes on the online hunk buffet.

There's no code of conduct, try your very best
to sort out the good guys, put them to the test!
Ask a facepic! You know: a dick is a dick...
Are they single? If not: you'd better not click!

Dating sites, they excite
Only for a little while...
Talking's easier online?
It's not always that sublime:

They say hi, you say hi...
and then there is no reply!
But don't try to understand
Why they are so beige and bland...

"What r u looking 4?
Getting down or something more?
Have I seen your face before?
Please come knocking @ my door!"

Dating sites...

One more last thing, listen very carefully
Best not pop your cork for every man you see