(3) Barakats
Based on Slovakia 1998


Barakat's a popular name
There are writers, art dealers and more
For this lyric, I'm rather constrained
So I'll just give attention to four

Adib, to start - a Syrian footballer
Plays for Al-Karkh in the Iraqi premier
Aged thirty-one, his article related to
Syrian association football
Is only a stub

Moving on to singer Melhim
Who wrote songs such as Farah Ennass
Sings only in colloquial Lebanese
And sang duets with Najwa Karam

Acted in movies back in the eighties
Had hits like Wahdi Ana and Kboush El Touti
Performed in musicals by the Rahbanis
His voice is the strongest in Lebanon, some say
Oh, Melhim's a star!

Barakats are always ready
Barakats always so steady
Barakats are just so trendy
They really are
Those Barakats

Doctor Amin first diagnosed
The syndrome that's now called Barakat's
Symptoms included hypoparathyroidism -
But we won't go into that.

President Subhi of the French Mandate
Of Syria in the early 1920s
Didn't do much, but for wearing a moustache
That made him look really quite like Charlie Chaplin
Still, he made the name

Of Barakat well respected
Those Barakats are remembered
Oh Barakats, you're so splendid
And there are more
Than four
So many more!