(4) Hulu You(Tube)
Based on Finland 1991


It's hard to suffer from insomnia
Never knowing what will awaken ya
Sometimes it's something like itchy linen
Or perhaps dreaming of an Azeri win

I never bothered with a DVR
No paid subscriptions, never got that far
I always found something on TV
But now I can't find anything to see

Log on to YouTube
Trying to change my mood
Maybe a good laugh could help make me sleepy

Log on to YouTube
Didn't have a clue
They don't have any full shows to watch

So what happens now?
On this slow white night
What will help lull me back and end this fight…
What could make it right….

There's nothing interesting that I saw
I could watch some porn but that's too raw
I'd really like some comic relief
But none of the shows I find are complete

So log on to Hulu
Now I feel less blue
They have full episodes of so many shows

So on to Hulu
How come I never knew
That all these shows were uploaded on there

Now to my dismay
The only episode I really want to watch
Requires Hulu Plus

It's back to YouTube
At least I could be moved
By funny goat versions and Lynda Woodruff
Back on YouTube
I guess that I could
Watch ESC recaps
And furry cats hey hey

(You could watch Hulu)

I could watch YouTube
(And watch YouTube too)
(Stop being so damn cheap and pay for that Hulu Plus)
(You could watch YouTube)
I could watch Hulu
(And Hulu too)
(Stop being so much drama and making a fuss)
…Finally time to snooze…