(9) Jam
Based on Monaco 1973


Jam – is what I put on my rolls
And what I do feed to foals
On the square and at the market

Jam – is what I eat on the beach
And when it is out of reach
I can substitute some pickles

Jam on the beach, a sticky treat
and it's what I use to feel
as a rabbit runs beside me
Jam with fresh cream and strawberries
the discourse from me to me
Time to freeze in fruity fever –

Hey! With a bowl of jam this week
Full of jellies and with sweets
Sugar honey on my weekend

Hey! Some fruit curd with little cakes
without sugar and not baked
And our thoughts are run on jam, oh!

Jam – the preserves and marmalades
Nata de coco, spoon sweets
Certain pancakes made with jam, oh
Jam…have your fill in all its forms
The reports from musichalls!
'Bout the fame and love of jam, oh
Oh, just jam, uh!

Hey! Pulp and juicy jam combi
And fruit content so zesty, grass and coffee forms of jam, oh

Hey! A party of dancing Greeks
Nicely spread and eating meats
Yes of course, with jars of jam, oh!

Hey! It is jam that's in this week
Citrus fruits to boil and keep, make a little piece of jam oh
Hey! Preservation of our sweets
Lovely jams and things to eat
Put your hands up in the air, oh!