(10) Our dreams
(That we have *no* idea where they came from)
Based on Malta 2010


We all agree that dreams can be so weird:
One time I shopped at the mall
Though I knew I had forgot to feed
My canaries I borrowed
From Frank, so I ran to them but then I saw my aunt
Who’s my wife I’ve won at that quiz

Such are our dreams, sometimes we think they really happen
Though there’s no sense at all: (No, no, no)
When Loreen sings MHIRM, but in Baku
Whereas Alexander Rybak is now a Jew porn star

Feelings are mixed, sometimes, when morning comes
Because we’ve believed to such nonsense
If you dream so vivid dreams you wake up tired
But yet you still want to tell - *Yawn*

- About your dreams, where Luxembourg is in Borneo
Croatia is Brazil *”Put” members practicing samba*
Yet both still take part in the Eurovision contest
Because Svante, who’s your cousin
Likes to ride his fuchsia unicorn…
In East Berlin! Though you’re sure there were South and North!

If we must dream, at least we don’t have frequent nightmares…

… Like “UK quits!!!”