(14) A Klingon Aria
Based on Albania 2012


Cloaking device was engaged for secrecy.
Planet Earth, we came in peace
To watch talent shows.
Oh no, but not to vote
Because the phone roaming charges were too dear.

Even so, we saw Nashville Star, The Voice and yes, X Factor too.
“And this is Earth?” we asked ourselves; we felt so very, very blue.
Then we found the ESC,
So we rewound to Nineteen Eighty-Three
When a star emerged: unexpected, new,
And finally someone to cheer.

Oh, Cetin Alp. How you
Shook our bones.
Even mediocre baritones please us so.
We have only harsh sopranos here.


Sweet Cetin Alp, you sang
Klingon girls sing mostly in the loo. We’re off-key,

But this aria’s our gift to you.