26. GREECE: Maria Charalampidou – San finikas

“San finikas” (Like A Phoenix)
Performed by: Maria Charalampidou
Music by: Konstantinos Papoutsis
Lyrics by: Konstantinos Papoutsis

In their own words:
Maria Charalampidou was born in Serres in 1985. From the age of 16 she started to sing in many bars, stages and pubs in Serres. In 2015 she made her first album. The last five years she has stop to sing and has devoted herself to care her first son as she is soon expecting the arrival of her second child.

Konstantinos was born in Serres in 1977. From the age of 8 he started learning music, piano and violin, as the degree in orchestration. He also studied nursing science where and he works in the psychiatric clinic of hospital of Serres.

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Μέσα στον καθρέφτη μου , βλέπω το είδωλο σου.
(Mesa ston kathrefti mu, vlepo to idolo su).
Ψυχή σου έδωσα, κομμάτια έλαβα.
(Phychi su ethosa, komatia elava).
Σκέψεις και όνειρα γίνανε εφιάλτες.
(Skepsis ke onira yinane efialtes).
Στιγμές που χάθηκαν σαν τ’ άστρα την αυγή.
(Stiymes pu hathikan san t’ astra tin avyi).

Μέσα απ’ τις στάχτες μου, εγώ! Θα ξαναγεννηθώ,
(Mesa ap tis states mu, ego! Tha xanayenitho),
Στα πόδια μου θα σηκωθώ, φτερά και θα πετάξω.
(Sta podia mu tha sikotho, ftera ke tha petakso).
Θα βρω τον τρόπο να ξεχάσω. Κι αν μου πήρες την καρδιά
(Tha vro ton tropo na ksehaso, ki an mu pires tin kardia)
Και μου έκοψες και τα φτερά, σαν Φοίνικας θα αναστηθώ .
(ke mu ekopses kai ta ftera, san Finikas tha anastitho).

Τριγύρω πράγματα, σκόρπιες αναμνήσεις.
(Triyiro pragmata, skorpies anamnesis).
Όρκους μου έδινες, σας κεριά τους έσβησες.
(Orkus mu edines, san keria tus esvises).

Μέσα απ’ την στάχτη μου …………………..

Inside my mirror I see your image.
I gave you my soul, you brought it in pieces.
Thoughts and dreams became a nightmare.
Moments that faded away like the stars at dawn.

From within my ashes i will reborn,
I will stand up again, with my wings I will fly.
And even if you took my heart and cut off my wings,
I will rise like a phoenix.

Around me things and scattered memories.
Oaths you gave me, like candles you extinguished them.

From within my ashes………