26) Tim Pollibi

Based on: France 1960 - Tom Pillibi


Tim Pollibi gets very cross
When people get his name wrong
Tim Pollibi is at a loss
And wants to make it clear

Tim Pollibi is what he's called
His name is Tim and not Tom
Tim Pollibi is quite appalled
That this mistake is made

Call for a lawyer
Tim Pollibi
Make your employer
Give you apologies
You've been through trauma
And they must see
What harm they've caused you
Sue them, Tim Pollibi!

Tim Pollibi, the litigant
Seeks eighty thousand Euros
Tim Pollibi, be insistent
Justice just must be served!

Tim, you've been badly victimised
They've wrecked your reputation
Tim Pollibi, don't compromise
Get all that you deserve!

Serve your subpoenas
Tim Pollibi
You've suffered meanness
We work no win, no fee
Nothing would please us
More than to see
Their misdemeanours
Punished, Tim Pollibi!

Tim Pollibi's had second thoughts
He's had an inspiration
Tim thinks he knows exactly what
Caused all his woes to start

Somebody on the telephone
Took down wrong information
If Tim can just discover who...
They'll have a problem too!

The truth is dawning,
Tim Pollibi
Your legal warning
Has come addressed to me
Time to start calling
Lawyers 4 Me
As your name actually...
Might be Tom Pillibi