27) Chemistry

Based on: Norway 1991 - Mrs Thompson



I was a young atom once, a dashing seven billion
And van der Waals was all that I looked for
Only wanted weaker bonds, no interest in commitment
But other atoms don't stay anymore

I've been searching everywhere
(At the age of thirteen billion)
For a pair

'Cause I am not young now and so
It's about time I formed a compound
Don't want a molecular ho
Want an atom who will stay 'round

Tried flirting with some sulphur, turned me down resolutely
"I don't form bonds with carbon like yourself!"
Tin won't share electrons, gold's selfish, absolutely
And neon's only interest is itself

So I came up with this plan
Now I'm only forming bonds with

So meet me in the engine babe
And we can form carbon dioxide
Want someone true, not someone who
Just wants incomplete combustion
Let's react

Woah woah
Woah woah
Woah woah
Woah woah

Come and meet me in the fire
And we'll covalently bond all night
The flames are rising higher and higher
Yes it seems that we have got the right