2) Ik Ben Verliefd

Based on: Iceland 2010 - Je Ne Sais Quoi



I’m chewing chalk, I’ve overstepped the supplies in my fridge
Now I look up to Sieneke the happiest girl on stage
And she’s calling at my glacier

Ik ben verliefd, I thought you had a special manner
Ik ben verliefd, oh oh, a manner like Nina Morato
And when I watch your semifinal I wanna broke those envelopes
Ik ben verliefd, voor jou!

One day the clowns are gone, the backing singers are busy, dying
And although I can’t stand cheese, I think Gouda is the best
Teach me, Dutch is that complex?

Ik ben verliefd, Already know you’re a hairdresser
Ik ben verliefd, oh oh, should I have some highlights done?

And when i meet your agent I wanna provide some antiaging
Ik ben verliefd, voor jou!

I just love this little dutchie
It’s like I’ve been shalalieing all my life
Ik ben verliefd

Ik ben verliefd i want to marry in an old wind mill
Ik ben verliefd  with loads of hutspot and kroketten
And when i sing your song I wanna have Noord Brabant accent
Ik ben verliefd, ja, ik wil!