3) Theme Park Story

Based on Montenegro 2012 - Euro Neuro

Euro Disney, day out with family
Turned into catastrophe


Euro Disney
Kids say
“Disneyland Paris has twentieth anniversary,
forget your stay-cation
you need excitation

Euro Tunnel
Lost along the way
help, s'il vous plait
I need to find Marne-la-Vallée
To stop kids from whining "are we there yet?"
No we are not fucking nearly there yet

Feel unwell
Now too late, I can tell
To save my soul
from the animated hell

Euro Disney
Euro Disney – cultural obscenity
Euro Disney
Euro Disney – seems I have an allergy

“Dad, come on, it’s Space Mountain time!”
(Queue: 60 minutes from this sign)

Euro Disney
I should have mentioned
theme park rides give me the hypertension
stomach risking regurgitation

My children are having a ball
I buy stuffed mice at every stall and mall
That’s not all, music is driving me up the fucking wall
“It’s a small world after all…”

Euro Disney
Euro Disney - cartoon glee is not for me

Euro Disney
I had no desire for flying higher
in roller coaster, like bread out of toaster
Let’s have some food, for my stress it is good
but I shouldn’t have tried
‘Cos I blew chunks on the Teacup Ride…

Euro Disney
Euro Disney - vomiting was copious
Euro Disney
Euro Disney - Minnie Mouse was furious

Euro Disney ("Please sir, leave sir")
Euro Disney
Euro Disney ("Don't come back, sir")
Euro Disney - you don't have to tell me twice

Euro Disney
Euro Disney - “Next year kids,” I said
Euro Disney
Euro Disney - “fuck this, we stay home instead”.