4) Mmm... Burgers!

Based on Denmark 1978 - Disco Tango

They ran a burger joint in Istanbul
But Friday nights the store was never full
Their burgers failed to bring them customers willing to pay (not willing to pay)
They tried to lure them in with gimmicks and fancy displays

One day they gave free food to guys named Steve,
An “A” in school, and French fries laced with speed
But none of these ideas brought any business their way (no business their way)
They needed something that could get people in every day
…Then they came up with a plan...

Burger, Fanta, and a Fuck:
Your food would come on trays brought by a slut
Four bucks would get you beef, pop, and a boff
You get your choice of Cowgirl, doggie, or on top

Now, they’re busy every day
Like Burger King they’re doing it your way
Their Happy Meal toys are all the talk
“Buy Burger, Fanta, and a Fuck!”

Burger, Fanta, and a Fuck
The local KFC can’t beat their cock
Not legal but their best client’s a cop
And if you supersize, you get a bigger cup

But their climax came and went
One look revealed the source of discontent:
The local Wendy’s ate their business up
with Blowjob, Anal, and a Coke