5) The Fantastic Freakshow

Based on Spain 1971 - El mundo en nuevo

Traveling caravan sideshow
Almost the last of its kind
Passing by in our town
Putting up their big tent at night
For a fee, it’s not much
I’m invited to step inside...

So many marvels of mankind
Glistening lights of the show
Oh, what joy!
Such surprise!
It is hard to believe my eyes
So amazing and wild
When the host lets the curtain rise!

A man breathing fire, a woman with beard
She’s swallowing swords made of steel
A blind ballerina that’s missing an ear
She’s riding a bike high up in the air

A seven foot lady, she’s lashing a whip
A man lifting weights with his teeth
A girl and her sister attached by the hip
A man with a nose like a beak

A man eating light bulbs, a woman with scales
A boy plays the lute with his knees
A girl or a mermaid? It’s quite hard to tell
She’s splashing about in a water tank

A man with a third leg, he’s kissing his wife
A girl with tattoos to her feet
She’s riding a hippo that’s missing an eye
The marvelous life of the freaks!

A cannibal baby, let’s send in the clowns!
A person that sings like a seal
The left side a woman, the right side a man
The marvelous life of the freaks!
The marvelous life of the freaks!
They're all very proud to be freaks!

Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba!
Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba!

So great to be different, to face with it with pride!
My nose is too big and my teeth aren’t white
I’m leaving my town to be with this crowd

I’m joining the life of the freaks!