(1) Fashion Police
Based on France 1986


Life's like Project Runway
Getting judged while we are walking by
But who the hell are they
Why don't they shut up, here's my reply
Michael Kors, Bitch Nina or Heidi
Miss Wintour and all those wannabe's

Oh no fashion police
spare your comments please
I've got my own style, no need to be vile
I will wear whatever I want
And you bet I know how to flaunt
Fashion police, leather, lace or fleece
Trenchcoat, UGGS, sandals - all giant scandals
I'm comfortable in my pink crocs
Stop looking at me, all in shock!

All those skinny models
don't seem to enjoy what they all wear
Looking like they've eaten
no real food for days, just their own hair
Make them laugh, give them food and set them free
Give the finger: fuck fashion industry

Oh no fashion police
leave me be in peace
Save your good advice and try to be nice
Best keep your comments to yourselves
So what if I like my pastels?
Fashion police, I won't feel guilty
I'll wear tiger prints, I don't need your hints
Give me a onesie any day
Stop frowning at me, preppy gay!

We are all fashion police
Judging hastily
One day you are in, next day you are out?
The only real important thing:
to have at least decent hygiene!
Fashion police