(2) What's Happening?
Based on Ukraine 2013


Well I had a song to sing
One I believed a stunner
In rehearsals it transforms
To a work of blunder!

Igor plonks me on a rock
Big as a brontosaurus
Now I’m starting to despair:
I can’t find the chorus!

I’ll yak ’bout butterflies
Trading favours -- shhhhh -- from SVT
Why did I heed those guys?
(She's starting to think) What’s happening? What’s happening?

Hey!     What?
Insert nonce word…
Now!     Laylay!?!

When I saw my video was well weird
Filled with Avatar clipart
Made me feel quite queer!

I love this rhythmic beat
Seems to build and grow in crescendo
But then it goes nowhere!
(That saddens Zlata) What’s happening? What’s happening?

Can’t find a damn key change! (What’s happening?)
Come all and yell aloud:
“We will sue the lyricist!”
(Whose lyrics are these?) What’s happening?  What’s happening?