25. GERMANY 4: Janneck Schmacke – Fly

Performed by: Janneck Schmacke
Music by: Janneck Schmacke
Lyrics by: Janneck Schmacke

In their own words:
I’m Janneck and I’m 24 years old. I’m an audiovisual media trainee who initially wanted to become a teacher but when Covid changed everything and studying happened online, I needed to do something else. In 2021 I moved to Cologne for the training.

“Fly” is my fourth HCSC entry and quite different from the three previous songs. It has a slightly more modern touch and it’s melancholic yet it’s not a ballad. It’s about a secret place to escape everyday life. In my imagination that is a rooftop where you meet your best friend(s). Together you gaze at the sky and enjoy the moment. For a short time there are no restrictions and you have the opportunity to recover your inner child. It’s a place that I often wish to have as I sometimes struggle to let go of the daily stress.

With that said, sit back and relax while listening, have fun and good luck in the competition 😊

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We can be the starlight, the starlight
And do whatever we want
We can light the dark night, reverse time
And do whatever we want

Will you, will I ever fly
Will you, will I ever fly
We can touch the sky
But we’re just way too high
Will you, will I ever fly

We don’t say a word though we still know
Exactly what we mean
And even in the shadows our hearts glow
We can be everything (anything we want)

I was always wondering
Wondering what tomorrow brings
But not tonight

When the morning comes
We’ll still be dreaming here
Watching glowing stars
Til the sun would interfere
And no wind, no rain
Could carry us away
It’s only you and I
Now spread your wings and … fly